Executive Briefs

Real Challenge, Real Work, Real Success

The following Briefs are case study examples of our contribution to growth.

Develop New Ventures

Real Work:
An Inc. 500 company feared its growth curve had peaked.

To return to double-digit top-line increases, the goal was to leverage the company’s expertise in advanced electronics design and manufacturing to other ventures.

Real Insight:
A subsidiary was launched to deliver the process capabilities of the parent company to new markets.

To accelerate market traction we:

  • Identified the target customer
    Accurately defining the bulls eye secured profitable market entry.
  • Defined strategic supplier and vendor alliances 
    Alliances allowed the client to integrate their electronics manufacturing expertise with partners’ design and substrate competencies. 

Real Success:
Profitable entry into intensely competitive industry of electronics contract manufacturing.
Revenues grow from $0 to $12 million in three years with net margins double industry standard.

Grow Core Business

Real Work:
Break the no-growth lock on a $70 million industrial products division

Real Insight:
Reshape fundamentals to serve innovation

Balancing core business growth and Out-of-the-Box opportunity is the challenge as organizations set the vision and the strategy that takes them into the future.

To lay the framework for long term growth we:

  • Led the realignment of marketing, sales, and R & D into cross functional market teams
  • Refined the innovation process to focus on large scale programs instead of incremental ones. 
  • Created processes to look “Outside-the-Box”
    Implemented competitive intelligence and opportunity assessment systems to thoroughly, consistently, and objectively evaluate the potential of new ventures.

Real Success:
Stagnant division grows gross margins by 1% on a revenue base of $70 million.

Customer Experience Mapping

Real Work:
Go beyond bland—define a clear market identity and differentiated market position

Real Insight:
Own Service Leadership as the singular Competitive Edge

To resist the temptation to throw “more stuff against the wall”, we:

  • Conducted focus groups to understand the current purchase and after-sale experience
  • Translated “Service Excellence” into a set of four measurable capabilities:
    • Anticipate and solve problems meaningful to the customer
    • Coordinate delivery to customer production schedules
    • Increase customers’ process value
    • Provide consistent products: Allow the customer to “take the knobs off” equipment  

Real Success:
A defined competitive edge focused client messaging to win new business.
“Service Excellence”, and the four components that comprised it, resonated with accounts in automotive, consumer packaged goods, and film and label converting.