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Growth opportunities are rarely found.

They are created.

Companies seldom lack new ideas for growth. It’s the ability to systematically and rationally differentiate high-potential opportunities from the rest that set profitable companies apart

Frohman & Associates specializes in providing market insight that minimizes risk and gives confidence to make choices – to move forward with the best ideas, modify them, or refocus in a new direction entirely.

Our Services

Each project is addressed on a clean-sheet basis—no formulas, pre-packaged book of data, or one-size-fits-all methodology. We produce custom, first generation research, gathering and analyzing information in the context of specific objectives and target outcomes. Click to find out more!

New Venture Development

Rationally links unmet market needs with emerging technologies Identifies Early Adopter segments Explores potential for alliances collaborations
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Concept Evaluation/Testing

Integral to Idea Screening phase of NPD process Evaluates attitude and preference to product ideas Solidifies value proposition; informs messaging
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360 Market Audits

Clarifies strength/weakness in existing market position; finds gaps; investigates potential to grow share in adjacent markets
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Expert Panels

Captures specialized input and opinion for market/idea evaluation
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Customer Experience Mapping

Identifies factors to drive improved and differentiated customer journey; studies influence of changes on NPS/Satisfaction Ratings
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Forecasting/Market Intelligence

Reveals underlying market shifts, anticipates disruptions, quantifies impact of trends
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Executive Briefs

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