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Growth opportunities are rarely found.
They are created.

Companies seldom lack new ideas for growth. It’s the ability to systematically and rationally differentiate high-potential opportunities from the rest that set profitable companies apart.

Frohman & Associates specializes in providing market insight that minimizes risk and gives confidence to make choices – to move forward with the best ideas, modify them, or refocus in a new direction entirely.

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Each project is addressed on a clean-sheet basis—no formulas, pre-packaged book of data, or one-size-fits-all methodology. We produce custom, first generation research, gathering and analyzing information in the context of specific objectives and target outcomes.

  • New venture development
  • Concept evaluation / testing
  • 360 market audits
  • Expert panels
  • Customer experience mapping
  • Forecasting / market intelligence

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Examples of our contribution to growth:

New Venture Development

An Inc. 500 company fears its growth curve has peaked.

To return to double-digit increases, the goal is to leverage the company’s expertise in advanced electronics design and manufacturing.

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360 Market Audits

Mature industrial organization wants to use market disruption and break the no-growth lock on its $70 million consumable division.

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Customer Experience Mapping

Go beyond bland.

Use Customer Journey Mapping to define competitive edge.

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